AVenue AV is a Canberra based, multifaceted audio engineering company specialising in product launches, conferencing, corporate presentations, live shows, theatre, festivals, and architectural lighting for in-house installations. We embrace the opportunity to partner with and serve clientele with a wholistic and down-to-earth professional solution to their AV requirements.

Productions are a journey

At AVenue AV we ‘walk your vision’ and partner with you. From your initial point of contact to when the last packer is loaded into the truck at the completion of your event, we listen, recommend and advise on how best to achieve your desired outcome and apply our professional experience to make your vision become a reality.

Say what you want to say

AVenue AV will ensure your message is delivered, seen and heard by all your target audience in the least obtrusive and clearest manner. No crackles, pops, feedback, battery failures or work experience kids sitting on their phones.

The complete package

AVenue AV take care of all aspects of your event, offering lighting, sound reinforcement, vision, staging and marquees. Our ‘package’ is not just the quality and up-to-date technology of our equipment, but it’s also the management strategy that covers every detail of your event.

Coming back for more

Peace of mind in service delivery is paramount for a great working relationship, but it’s not just our success in delivering a seamless event that defines our position in the AV arena. It’s the long term relationships that are formed and valued by our repeat client base. We invite you to join them in choosing AVenue AV for all your AV requirements.